Adversaire, L' : Movie Review

L'adversaire (on the web : ladversaire-lefilm. com)
Directed by Nicole Garcia ( Place Vendôme )
Starring : Daniel Auteuil, Géraldine Pallhas, Emmanuelle Devos, François Cluzet, …

Jean Marc Faure is a brillant physician who works at OMS, in Lyon (France). He has two children and a wife. .. he seems to be happy in his own life. Actually, J-M Faure isn't a scientist, he has lied to his whole family for eighteen years. .. When his wife starts to discover the unbeleivable situation of her husband, Jean Marc prefers kill his family than having to tell his real story. ..

Nicole Gracia has taken the topic of his brand new movie in the french actuality of the past ten years! In 1992, Jean-Claude Romant,as Jean-Marc Faure in the film, has lived that horrible story, and has been put in jail for the rest of his life. To show us that movie, Nicole Garcia put the audience in a double situaution of witness and judge. .. By using a sober direction, she doesn't choose a point of view. She stays out of the story, only staring at the descent to hell of the tragic hero. .. As spectators, wer're upset! The rhythm is so low that it allows a reflexion, a reflexion on life, on society, on mankind. .. Garcia demands us to think about the real guilty of the story. And if Garcia has omitted the last episode of Faure's life, namely his trial, it's to let us judge for ourself! But such a direction would be useless without Daniel Auteuil's acting! He is only perfect in his role of man who becomes insane. .. The others actors are maybe unknown for you, american audience, but the performance of Emmanuelle Devos is great.
Of course, it's a dark movie. .. a story which could be ridiculous if it wasn't a true story ! L'adversaire is the second movie to borrow that plot this year. The first was L'emploi du temps directed by Laurent Cantet, ans which is on screens in United States since last Sundance Festival. You as I, will not be unharmed of that movie, it's a film which shocks and, above all, which makes us think . ..
It's really a great movie, but the topic is so strong that we cannot like it as any another movie. ..

Author : Gweltaz Caouissin