What Lies Beneath : Movie Review

Movie PosterThis film involves a series of events, which are predictably frightening. The lack of ingenuity and originality, render this movie as dull as dishwater.

A middle-aged couple move into a house previously occupied by the dead father of Norman (Harrison Ford). Having sent the teenage daughter off to college, the couple are left alone.

It becomes clear there are many unresolved issues from the past, which have contributed to the mental instability of Norman's wife (Michelle Pfeiffer). After a series of unexplained, frightening events, such as ghostly reflections in the bathtub and a suspected murderous next door neighbor, Claire is convinced something terrible has happened at the house. Unable to convince her husband of the events, she turns to her bohemian friend for support. Norman is wrapped up in his work and fails to notice the steep demise of his wife’s sanity. She becomes obsessed with the ghostly apparition and begins to unravel the past, but stumbles on a terrible tragedy. Claire unleashes a terrible secret.

Michelle Pfeiffer's denotation of a stricken housewife is sadly less than convincing, and with the probable and foreseeable ending (when the baddie never dies) this film is boring and predictable..

A good choice, if you want to be scared by ghostly visions and loud music, but this thriller may leave you wondering about the relevance of many of the characters in the disjointed storyline, which weakens the plot.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a movie involving imagination and surprise, tough luck - you'll probably guess the ending!

Author : Max Willis Of Cinema.com