Longest Yard : Movie Review

AutoTrader.com dumps millions into a deal with ABC for Monday Night Football rights. Olympic highlights are now known as “Chevy Moments.” The currency flooding the pro sports market is getting out of hand. Independent filmmakers could make 71 different Blair Witch projects for the amount of money Anheuser-Busch spent on one 30-second Super Bowl commercial.

So why am I surprised to find that the product placement cluttering professional sports also taints The Longest Yard, an otherwise faithful remake of the 1974 football-in-prison classic? We laugh the first time a convict peddles the McDonald’s cheeseburgers he’s smuggling in his pants. Fifteen burger jokes later, the dude is screaming, “It ain’t easy being cheesy,” and a clever idea has been charbroiled. Good advertising for the golden arches, but not exactly entertaining for the audience.

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Author : Sean O'Connell