Parker : Movie Review

Parker delivers just about what the average viewer would expect from it: a Jason Statham-flavored action thriller (as opposed to, say, a Matt Damon-flavored action thriller or a Rock-flavored action thriller). Statham, like John Wayne in his heyday and Arnold Schwarzenegger during the '80s, doesn't feel compelled to challenge himself as an actor. This reticence fills a market niche and rewards his fans with bloody, violent cinematic "comfort food" on a regular basis. Statham's movies hit more often than they miss. Parker falls into the same category as endeavors like The Transporter and Crank in that it will probably satisfy those who identify Statham as a draw but do little to expand his legion of followers. There's nothing surprising or inventive about Parker's storyline - it's a straightforward revenge/heist film that hits all the necessary beats and features a number of violent confrontations and solid action scenes. With an able assist from accomplished director Taylor Hackford (An Officer and a Gentleman, Ray), Statham carries a film that doesn't demand much in the way of heavy lifting.

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Author : James Berardinelli