Now You See Me : Movie Review

With Now You See Me, director Louis Leterrier has taken a page out of the book of his characters: use sleight-of-hand so viewers are distracted from some rather obvious screenplay deficiencies. By employing a fast-moving, high-energy approach that includes punchy dialogue, fast cutting, and an up-tempo musical score, Leterrier skates over plot holes with Úlan, making this a perfect "refrigerator movie" of Hitchcockian nature. As imperfect as Now You See Me might be, it's a lot of fun and features some effective performances from well-known and well-respected actors. It's a little along the same lines as Ocean's 11 in what it achieves and, like that film, there's plenty of Oscar power among the actors - a combined 15 nominations, to be precise.

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Author : James Berardinelli