2 Guns : Movie Review

At its heart, “2 Guns” really wants to be a buddy cop movie. However, it throws so many road blocks in this path that the film fails to rationalize its own identity. The only thing that saves the film is the chemistry between its stars.

Well, that and Paula Patton’s breasts. But that’s for just one scene (and while I appreciated seeing them, they really couldn’t save an entire movie).

“2 Guns” follows two men working undercover. Bobby Trench (Denzel Washington) works for the DEA, and he’s trying to take down the international drug lord Jessup (Edward James Olmos). Stig Stigman (Mark Wahlberg) plays a Navy specialist trying to confiscate drug money to be used to fund their own missions. The two end up double-crossing each other after accidentally stealing $43 million from the CIA. Bobby and Stig have to team up again to get the money back and get rid of Jessup once and for all.

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Author : Kevin Carr