Shaheed E Mohabbat - Boota Singh (1999) - Details

About Boota singh who has just returned from war and back to his village to settle down and have a normal life like others... On the other side there is this muslim girl who is being attacked and running for help... She meets Boota while working on his field and hides behind him asking for help... {Personally i belive this scene is one of the best} the men ask Boota (Gurdas Singh) to deliver the girl to them. Of course he refuses and decides to rescue the girl..whatever it takes him. In order to do that he gives them all his savings that he was hiding to build a house or something.. the girl stays with him in his house againts everybody\'s well... eventually they both fall in love with each other adn get married... a year later they have a little sweet inocent girl... But since there is no such ending like (happily ever after) the Muslim girl is taken back to her family and forced to forget about her husband and her daughter.. Boota or Gurdas does not give up and decide to l! ook for his wife... when he reaches her town he is faced with anger from everybody there.. Moreover the girl\'s family threats her that if she doesn\'t give up on her husband and daughter and accepts to marry another man they would kill her husband and daughter.. For both of them she agrees and tells Boota to go back and she is no his anymore... This was very hard for Boota to accept and he decides to kill himself and his daughter by jumping under a train....The End <BR> By Laila Adel

Running Time

119m 26s