Junior (1994) - Details


Junior is a movie for everybody. It tells of a scientist and a gynecologist trying to get a pregnancy drug approved by the FDA called Expectane. FDA turns it down so then they get an egg and experiment on the scientist by making him pregnant and able to have a child successfully carried to term by alex known as Arnold Schwartzeneggar and Danny devito Larry and the egg stolen from Emma thompson known as dr diana reddin from the ovum cryogenics lab. Larry's wife angela is also pregnant and in the end alex falls in love with dr diana reddin and they fall in love then she is pregnant in the end. It gives the men the real perspective of what the women go through when they are pregnant. Alex really does a good job of portraying that role of the pregnant character all while trying to live his life My favorite lines he says is my body my choice and if you could feel for one moment the absolute sense of joy and connection that carrying a baby brings you would understand.


Comedy / Science Fiction

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