American Pie 2 (2001) - Synopsis

american pie 2 - synopsis headingIn the summer of 1999, they "took the pact" - and audiences fell in love as an unforgettable group of friends hilariously and all-too-humanly explored the undiscovered frontiers of love, sex and friendship. The hit comedy earned cult status with moviegoers who saw their own life experiences mirrored in the
wild, frequently embarrassing, yet always heartfelt adventures of American Pie (1999).

Universal Pictures is proud to reunite the entire ensemble cast of the original comedy for American Pie 2, boldly taking "the next step" into the fringes of adulthood. After their first year apart at college, the guys (Kevin, Jim, Oz, Finch and Stifler) rent a beach house, vowing to celebrate their friendship and make this the best summer ever. But, as always, whether
their dreams come true or not is ultimately up to
the girls (Vicky, Michelle, Nadia, Heather and Jessica).

Through one boisterous summer of ear-splitting parties, side-splitting mishaps - and, yes, a trip to band camp - the gang discovers that times change and people change, but friendship lasts a lifetime.

American Pie 2 also reunites the original creative team of American Pie with Paul Weitz, Chris Weitz and Adam Herz returning as executive producers and Warren Zide, Craig Perry and Chris Moore producing the film. J. B. Rogers directed American Pie 2 from a screenplay by Herz, with a story by David H. Steinberg and Herz.