Secret Laughter Of Women, The (1998) - Details

Secret Laughter Of Women, The

Set in France this film is a delightful romance/drama with a slight amount of comedy thrown in. it outlines some of the prejudice opinions between white and black cultures. Nimi (played be Nia Long) is an exile and lives in a black, muslim community. she lives with her mother and sisters and her son Sammi. her husband is dead. sammi has an obsession with a story book hero called Saracen and when he meets the author Matthew (played by Colin Firth) he mistakes him to be the actual Saracen. it throws great distress to the family that Nimi is not married so when the Reverend moves to the villagethe family set about getting them together. However Sammi believes that Matthew would be a much better husband for his mother and sets about getting them together. Synopsis By Samantha Vincent


Drama / Romance

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