Odd Couple, The (1968) - Details

In the movie, compulsive neat-nik Felix Ungar is thrown out of his house and divorced by his wife. He wanders aimlessly through the streets of New York, toying with the idea of suicide. He ends up at the apartment of his best friend, sloppy sportswriter Oscar Madison. Worried that Felix will try something desperate, Oscar, in the middle of a bad divorce himself, invites Felix to move in with him. Within a few days, the two are on the verge of mutual murder: Felix cannot tolerate slovenliness, while Oscar is driven insane by Felix's obsession with cleanliness. Eventually, Oscar resorts to wandering aimlessly around the apartment making as big a mess as possible. At the time of next week's poker game, Felix is nowhere to be found and Oscar finds himself worried for his best friend's life once again. Instead, a surprisingly self-confident Felix shows up to collect his belongings. He then announces that he will be moving in temporarily with Oscar's upstairs neighbors, two single, French, impassioned, attractive sisters.

Running Time

105m 12s