Man who shot Liberty Valance, The (1962) - Details

Man who shot Liberty Valance, The

The tale of "the man who shot Liberty Valance" is told in flashback, as Senator Ransom Stoddard and his wife arrive in a dusty western town for the funeral of an old friend ... When eastern lawyer Ransom Stoddard arrives in the small western town of Shinbone, he is suddenly and violently introduced to a new way of life. He believes in the rule of law; Liberty Valance, "the toughest man south of the Picketwire", believes in the rule of the gun. Valance, who has no use for the eastern "dude", persecutes him. Rancher Tom Doniphon, the only man tough enough to stand up to Liberty, befriends and protects Stoddard, but eventually, the lawyer is forced into a main street shootout where he must confront both his own belief in nonviolence and the gun of Liberty Valance.



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