Outlaw Josey Wales, The (1976) - Details

Outlaw Josey Wales, The

Josey Wales (Clint Eastwood) is a simple Civil War-era farmer until Northern irregulars known as "redlegs" murder his family and destroy his Missouri home. When "Bloody Bill" Anderson, a Southern irregular, sets out for Kansas to avenge the raids into Missouri, Wales goes with him. Having mastered the art of guerilla warfare, and with his family dead, Wales declines to surrender with the rest of the South. Instead, he flees to Texas, accompanied by Lone Wadie (Chief Dan George), an elderly Indian who also never surrendered. Pursued by both his past and the redlegs of the victorious North, Wales and Lone Wadie pick up a ragtag group of wanderers and eventually make a stand on Indian land, where they must face both the redlegs and the Comanches. <br>Jim Wright