Testimony of Taliesin Jones, The (1999) - Details

AKA : Taliesin Jones

Testimony of Taliesin Jones, The

When his Mum leaves home, twelve-year-old Taliesin Jones is stuck on a Welsh hill farm with his distracted father, sullen brother and a head full of questions. Tal’s search for answers leads to old Billy Evans, who teaches piano and heals the sick. The “miracles” he sees inspire Tal to form a gang of healers, which encounters trouble when the mother of a young diabetic complains they stopped her son from taking his insulin. Tal must cease the gang’s activities and explain his faith to a school assembly. That faith is shattered when a family confrontation shows he is alone in his convictions, Billy suddenly dies and Tal demands proof from a God who ignores him. Ultimately, Tal finds a strength that heals himself and those around him. He demonstrates that believing in something does matter, and that standing up for that belief creates a life worth living. Synopsis By Jackie Graf