Cannonball Run, The (1981) - Details

Cannonball Run, The

Filmed when the Fed imposed a national 55 mph speed limit, The Cannonball Run is based on the real-life "Cannonball Baker Sea to Shining Sea Memorial Dash." It's basically a fast-moving - and at times, somewhat slapstick - comedy with a huge cast of stars: Burt Reynolds, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Mel Tillis, Terry Bradshaw, Adriane Barbeau, Jackie Chan, Farrah Fawcett, Jack Elam, Dom DeLuise, Jamie Farr, Roger Moore (who plays a character who thinks he's 007 and even drives an Astin-Martin with gadgets), and more. From Adriane Barbeau using her - er, ah, assets - to escape speeding tickets to the big fight with Peter Fonda's motorcycle gang to Jack Elam as the mad proctologist, The Cannonball Run is a fun and funny movie.<br>Jim Wright


Action / Comedy