Punks (2000) - Details


The four best friends in Punks are each doing their best to make it in LA: they're successful, handsome, smart...and smarting from the battles of finding love in such a small and isolated world. Marcus (Gilliam) is a fashion photographer and quiet romantic, who seems to have everything he could ever want...except that elusive lover who is also your best friend. Handsome Hill (Ewell) is on the revenge rebound after discovering his European boyfriend getting a little too French with a guest at his birthday party. Meanwhile, female impersonator Chris (Jazzmun) has a boyfriend so secret everyone believes he's imaginary. And then there's Dante (Santiago), the youngest of them all, a Latino rich kid from Beverly Hills, who still sees life as one long evening out. As they work, party, dish and date, this alternately suave and salty-tongued quartet begins to come-of-age romantically. It all begins when Marcus gets a new West Hollywood neighbor: the drop-dead gorgeous but supposedly straight music producer Darby (Dunbar) who keeps sending Marcus mixed signals, despite his serious girlfriend (Wililams). Is Darby or isn't he becomes a secondary question as Marcus discovers it's not just about the love he's waiting for but about the love he has created among his remarkable friends.



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