American Reel (2003) - Details

American Reel

A singer-songwriter, James Lee Springer (David Carradine), has led an unconventional life that has resulted in his becoming your basic 20-year "overnight success." Now, he's attempting to navigate the wind tunnel of fame in Chicago at the end of his first big concert tour. His success has been brought about, not so much by his great talent, which has been there right from the start, but by the sudden intervention of his best friend and long-time manager, Jason Fields (Michael Maloney). Jason Fields has made it happen for the poetical singer, alright - but with a much more commercial agenda in mind. The manager brings in stand-up comedienne/personal assistant Disney Rifkin (Mariel Hemingway) to help keep the naturally introspective singer pointed in the right direction: fame. This is a satirical buddy drama with an original musical score that finally asks the question, "When your dream finally comes true so late, is it still worth it?"