Confederacy of Dunces, A (2004) - Details

Ignatius Reilly is 30 years old and lives with his mother on Constantinople Street in New Orleans circa 1960. His eccentric apparel almost gets him arrested in front of a department store when he is rescued by his mom, and they go to a bar called The Night of Joy, then have an accident in her 1946 Plymouth, leading to his mom's relationship with the police officer involved and his aunt (the three of them start going out bowling together) and Ignatius having to look for a job (he finds work as a hot dog vendor). He tries to start a new political party (the Sodomite Peace Party) with flagrant Dorian Green, whom they meet in the Night of Joy. This leads to a boisterous party at Dorians house and a cockatoo show at the Night of Joy which turns out to be a disaster for Ignatius, whose only hope now (as his mother wants to put him in a charity mental hospital) is his ex-girlfriend from college, Myrna Minkoff, who comes to rescue him.