Date: 31st December 2000

Kate Hudson's Secret Party

GOLDIE HAWN has wrecked photographers' plans to catch footage of her daughter's bachelorette party in Aspen, Colorado - by lying about the date.

Hawn revealed daughter KATE HUDSON, who is to wed BLACK CROWES star CHRIS ROBINSON on New Year's Eve (31DEC00), was set for a grand send-off at exclusive Aspen restaurant CARIBOU ALLEY on the eve of her big day.

But the bash, at the Caribou's WHISKY BAR actually took place last night (29DEC00). Tuna was reportedly flown in from Japan for the swanky girls-only party and Goldie wrapped up the evening with Hudson's favourite dish, an Aspen peach cobbler. Generous Goldie started the evening off with an auction of her Russian furs.

As well as the Hudson/Robinson wedding at Hawn and KURT RUSSELL's Aspen ranch, the Colorado retreat will be a great place to star spot - JACK NICHOLSON, WILL SMITH and JADA PINKETT SMITH and KEVIN COSTNER are all expected to spend New Year there.


Source: WENN