Date: 4th December 2002

Jim Carrey Saves Jennifer Aniston's Life

Jim Carrey became a hero on the set of his new film Bruce Almighty (2003) when he saved co-star Jennifer Aniston from a falling crane.

Carrey pushed her out of the way before she was flattened by the crane that had become unstable in high winds. A studio insider said, "It was so windy, it was difficult to do the scenes. But Jennifer and Jim decided to keep going. Suddenly a gust of wind blew over a huge crane. Jennifer had her back to the crane and didn't see it coming. But thank God, Jim did - and he pushed her out of the way. Jim was a real hero. She could have been killed. It could have been a real tragedy."

The relieved actress said to Carrey, "You saved my life. You're a real hero."

Source: Press Release