Mark Stevens - Details


Mark Stevens (Editor) previously worked with Joel Schumacher as the editor of "8mm (1999)" and "Flawless (1999)," and, working alongside Dennis Virkler, on both "Batman Forever (1995)" and "Batman & Robin (1997)." Stevens also had a shared credit as editor on the thriller "Chain Reaction (1996)."

Stevens served as first assistant editor on such feature films as "Hard to Kill (1990)," "If Looks Could Kill (1991)}," "[Hand That Rocks The Cradle, The (1992)," "Under Siege (1992)," "Fugitive, The (1993)," and "On Deadly Ground (1994)."

His television credits include the movies-of-the-week "My Wicked, Wicked Ways," "First Steps," "Picking Up the Pieces," "One Police Plaza," "Secret Witness," and "Who Will Get the Friends?" as well as
the mini-series "If Tomorrow Comes."