Two Night Stand : Movie Review

Title: Two Night Stand
Starring: Miles Teller, Analeigh Tipton
Director: Max Nichols
Running time: 86 minutes
Released: Out Now

Two Night Stand DVDTwo New Yorkers are looking for online dating - which these days apparently translates to sex after midnight. Megan (Analeigh Tipton) has been single for a while and goes online to look for a hook up. Moments later she’s at Alec’s (Miles Teller) apartment. Do hook ups really happen this quickly or has the sequence of events been shortened for ramatic purposes?! To be honest it’d be really sleazy if
you were watching anyone other than Teller and Tipton.

I watched Teller in 21 and Over and thought his acting was pretty bad and wondered why he, or anyone, would want to take on the role of such a despicable character. Here he is fairly likeable.

I remember seeing Tipton in Crazy Stupid Love, Warm Bodies and ever so briefly in Lucy. She is a likeable actress, pretty, but quirky and a little different to
the rest. However here she is fairly bland. And her character is quite unlikable and unsympathetic.

The be fair the entire film is bland, from the andomness of the two people meeting to the miserable apartment that Alec inhabits, and to the fact that the first time the two have sex, we don’t even see it. I’ve complained about this in films before. If we don’t even see them bouncing around under the covers (PG13 sex) how do we even know they did it at all?

So they meet and have sex. The morning after Megan tries to make a swift exit but finds that overnight they have been snowed in. A major whiteout has occurred and they are now trapped in Alec’s apartment. Unfortunately, they soon find that they don’t really like each other. Butů they’re basically boredů so they have sex again, in the name of science, in order to teach each other how best to please the opposite sex, so at least the next person they are with will get the benefit. It’s very basic stuff and really obvious plotting. It feels like it’s been written by a teenager,
based on real experiences. A quick look at confirms that writer Mark Hammer has only previously written episodes of the TV show Skins. I’m not surprised at all.

Debut director Max Nichols (son of legendary director Mike Nichols) seems to have very little of his father’s verve or skill. Mike Nichols directed Closer, a film with similar themes. Closer was brilliant. Two Night Stand is boring.

The problem with this film is that we have seen it all before. There is nothing new or interesting. The two leads do their best, but they’re fighting poor material.

My best advice to you is to give this film the cold shoulder.

Author : Kevin Stanley