Unfaithful : Richard Gere Interview

Unfaithful (2002) - Movie PosterActors Richard Gere, Diane Lane and Olivier Martinez and the director behind Fatal Attraction, Adrian Lyne, attended today's press conference at the Dorcester Hotel on Park Lane, London.

Richard Gere discussed his 'role reversal' (Gere plays the cuckold husband as opposed to the romancing philanderer) and complimented Martinez on his portrayal of the charming love interest (a role Gere has more commonly played).

Diane Lane talked about the frank intimacy of the raunchy love scenes with Martinez, whilst director Lyne (who also made 9 ½ Weeks) shouted encouragement from behind the camera.

In the film Edward (Richard Gere) and Connie Sumner (Diane Lane) are a wonderfully-maintained middle-aged couple living the American dream.

Together with their eight-year-old son, a dog and a housekeeper, they share an enviable life in the suburbs of New York City.

But no life goes unchallenged: This happy marriage, dampened by the routines of affluence, falls prey to an outsider when Connie has a fateful collision with a stranger (Olivier Martinez) on a Soho street.

It's an encounter, which assaults her with mystery, spontaneity, charm - and risk. It will pull Connie into an affair, which will become her obsession.

When Edward innocently learns that his wife has lied to him, suspicion propels him to uncover the devastating details of her infidelity. Tormented by the knowledge, he confronts her lover, only to discover a level of rage within himself that he could never have imagined.

Can a marriage so infected by guilt and anger find a way to recover?

Director Adrian Lyne spins a web of passion and pain in Unfaithful, which he describes as "an erotic thriller about the body language of guilt. " Lyne also produces with G. Mac Brown. The screenplay is by Alvin Sargent and William Broyles, Jr. .

Unfaithful is based on the original 1968 film La Femme Infidèle, one of the acknowledged masterworks of French New Wave director Claude Chabrol.

Watch the press conference footage.