Fate of the Furious, The : Movie Review

Fate of the Furious, The (2017) - Movie PosterThere was a bittersweet alchemy at play that made 2015's "Furious Seven" the series-best entry, a combination which included a stylish auteur director in James Wan, a breakneck pace that gave its legitimately exciting action sequences extra power, and a special drive from all involved to pay reverent tribute to actor Paul Walker, who tragically passed away before principal photography concluded. The final moments of that film were genuinely moving, even classy, a fond farewell to its late star and his onscreen alter-ego Brian. Had this been the conclusion of "The Fast and the Furious" as a whole, it would have gone out on a high note. Where there's blockbuster money to be made, however, there will always be another installment. One wishes "The Fate of the Furious" could have kept the well wishes and momentum going, but instead it has sunk back into mediocrity. Director F. Gary Gray (2009's "Law Abiding Citizen") is no James Wan, and returning writer Chris Morgan has found himself with a workable story but no worthwhile set-pieces upon which to string the drama.

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Author : Dustin Putman, TheFilmFile.com