Maze Runner: The Death Cure : Movie Review

Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018) - Movie Poster
"The Death Cure" is a potent grand finale to a science-fiction trilogy of occasionally murky intentions. As the concluding chapter adapted from James Dashner's dystopian YA book series—following 2014's solidly engaging, labyrinth-set "The Maze Runner" and 2015's more routine, sandswept "The Scorch Trials"—the scope feels larger, the stunts grander, the story more urgent. For a triptych of films that has predominately kept its characters in the dark about their own pasts, returning director Wes Ball and scribe T.S. Nowlin at last delve beneath the surface of who they are—even if, it should be noted, there is still precious little information offered about where they come from. There is a certain symmetry in taking time to focus on personal interiors, these appreciable dramatic beats running parallel to a plot that finds our hero Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) and his friends Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster), Frypan (Dexter Darden) and Brenda (Rosa Salazar) endeavoring to breach the walls of a supposed safe-haven metropolis built to keep out the deadly virus that has decimated most of the world's population.

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Author : Dustin Putman