Dumbo : Movie Review

Dumbo (2019) - Movie PosterDumbo, the floppy-eared, put-upon baby elephant who can fly, is irresistible, but, sadly, his new live-action film is not. First thing's first: the production design in Tim Burton's "Dumbo" is gorgeous and painterly, worthy of high praise and possibly end-of-year awards accolades. The film as a whole, however, is joyless and dour, seemingly taking pleasure in the suffering of its characters, making one feel unsettled rather than uplifted by the end.

The screenplay by Ehren Kruger comes at the story from the wrong angle, turning Dumbo himself into a supporting player in his own story while instead choosing to focus on boring, mostly one-note humans

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Author : Dustin Putman, TheFilmFile.com.