Green Book : Movie Review

Title: Green Book
Director: Peter Farrelly
Starring: Mahershala Ali, Viggo Mortensen
DVD / BD Release Date: 10th June 2019
EST Release Date: 25th May 2019
Cert: 12
Running time: 124 minutes

Winner of the Academy Award 2018 for Best Picture, Green Book is the heart-warming true story of working-class Italian-American bouncer Tony Lip (Academy Award nominee Viggo Mortensen) who accepts a job as chauffeur for world-class black pianist Dr. Don Shirley (two-time Academy Award® Winner Mahershala Ali).

Green Book (2018) - Movie PosterGreen Book is about a true friendship that transcended race, class and the 1962 Mason-Dixon line. The civil rights movement was at its most volatile when Tony and Don are confronted with racism and danger, and comforted by generosity, kindness and humour. The two men overcome their perceived differences, question the way people see race and find common ground.

Director Peter Farrelly, better known for cheap (but funny) comedies, shows that he has a serious side here, and the ability to direct a film about real issues. He directs his actors with style and care and creates a taut film that isn’t afraid to ask questions, but also gives powerful and poignant answers. Farrelly has produced a film that is thought provoking, honest and real. There is no doubt that it is worthy of having won the Oscar for best film.

Mortensen and Ali both put in excellent performances and have great chemistry together onscreen. Both of them are thoughtful and skilled actors capable of an array of emotions. Green Book is a film that isn’t afraid of depicting racism in all its ugliness and these two actors are the right performers for the job. This is backed up by the nomination of Mortensen for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading role and a win for Ali in the category of Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role.

Green Book is an important film that is certainly worth your time and I recommend it as it features two unforgettable performances from its leading actors Mortensen and Ali.

DVD & Blu-ray Special Features:
Virtuoso Performance
An Unforgettable Friendship
Going Beyond The Green Book

Author : Kevin Stanley