Joker : Movie Review

Joker (2019) - Movie PosterA coal-black, subversively awestruck overhaul of everything which a mass-market, studio-produced comic-book spin-off is capable, "Joker" paints a vision so raw, so singular and ultimately so emphatic it plays like the greatest early-'80s Martin Scorsese picture there never was. And yet, in 2019, here it is, an astonishing high-wire show written and directed by Todd Phillips (2016's "War Dogs") and co-written by Scott Silver (2016's "The Finest Hours"). A gritty, aching, altogether chilling character study under the guise of a DC Comics origin story for Batman's future clown-faced foe, this hard-R crime drama genuinely surprises and rattles with the kind of uncompromising relish rarely, if ever, seen before within this particular genre pocket. If Heath Ledger's unforgettable Oscar-winning performance as the Joker in 2008's "The Dark Knight" felt like the final word on this iconic character, think again; Joaquin Phoenix (2014's "Inherent Vice") not only put his own personal stamp on it, he takes the role to heretofore unseen places of piercing psychological and emotional torment.

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Author : Dustin Putman,