War with Grandpa, The : Movie Review

War with Grandpa, The (2020) - Movie Poster
We are all in dire need of a really good belly laugh right now in the current global pandemic climate. Supporting local cinemas so that big-screen outings can continue is more crucial than ever.
The time has never been better for a really good family film to clean up at the box office, which Tim Hill’s The War With Grandpa is actually doing in the States right now, taking on the likes of Christopher Nolan’s PG-13 Tenet.

Sounds like a safe bet so far. Indeed, it does have an amazing cast headed by Meet the Fockers comedic ace, Robert De Niro, an actor with guaranteed box office clout. He is also backed by a powerhouse of talent in Christopher Walken, Cheech Marin, Uma Thurman and Rob Riggle.
Throw in a family dispute to settle, and War with Grandpa is well on its way to being a potential winner.

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Author : Lisa Giles-Keddie