Tenet : Movie Review

Tenet (2020) - Movie PosterTime has run out. Yes, after months of impossible impossibilities that have come to fruition and much debate over how the film world will deal with re-opening after a globe-changing 2020 so far, the big one is being unleashed. Dubbed the saviour of cinema, Christopher Nolan was adamant his film be shown on the big screen (the $205million price tag also made this inevitable) and after months of date changes and the overuse of the term “coming to theatres”, Tenet is here and, to be ridiculously clichéd, we can shout from the rooftops that it was well worth the wait. But – pause for dramatic effect – there is a but…

Like Christian Bale’s Alfred Borden warned us in 2006’s The Prestige that “secrets are my life”, so is true of Nolan and the brand he has created for himself in keeping things so close to his chest that they might burst through his ribcage and out the other side. Heck, even his lucky charm Sir Michael Caine was told nothing of the film aside from his role, so we will keep schtum also. Suffice it to say, Tenet scratches all of Nolan’s itches – thrills, spills, action, spectacle, IMAX, film, espionage, and more – all on his biggest and broadest canvas yet.

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Author : Scott Davis