Unhinged : Movie Review

Unhinged (2020) - Movie PosterKnown as the Russell Crowe road-rage movie, Unhinged hits theaters - or at least the ones that dare to open stateside - on August 21st. Is it worth going masked and still risk infection to sit in a poorly ventilated multiplex, no matter how socially distanced, to see Crowe play demolition derby in daytime traffic? It’s your call. Even marking on a B-movie curve, Unhinged is running on empty.

All due respect to the Gladiator Oscar winner, who tries mightily to bring something relatably human to his role as a killing machine in a pickup truck. Are we not entertained? For a few minutes, maybe. In a terrifying opening scene, "the Man", as Crowe’s character is pretentiously billed, sits in his car lighting matches and removing his wedding ring. Then he enters a house with an axe, chopping away at his ex and her new love, and burns down the place he once called home. The movie eventually reveals that the Man, who lives in "the City" (it's unnamed, but mostly New Orleans) has been fired just before his pension kicked in, deserted by his cheating wife and treated as invisible by impolite society.

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Author : Peter Travers