Possessor : Movie Review

Possessor (2020) - Movie Poster
Once inserted, as if by cold metal probe to the cortex, some images can’t be erased. It has taken me eight months and three viewings to wrap my mind around "Possessor". From the beginning, I recognized Brandon Cronenberg’s brilliant sci-fi puzzle to be more than just another bracingly extreme psychological thriller, but I wasn’t sure what to make of the violence. "Possessor" is by far the most disturbing film I’ve ever seen at Sundance, for reasons that, if I were to list them, would not only spoil the experience but send a certain contingent of shock-horror fans rushing to see what all the fuss was about.

I suspect that’s precisely the audience Neon is courting by releasing the film as "Possessor Uncut", when what I think they mean is "Possessor Unrated". To my knowledge, no censored version of this film exists, or has even been suggested, although there's no way Cronenberg's cut would land an R rating with the MPAA (which has been rendered effectively useless by Netflix and the rise in ratings-bypassing straight-to-streaming releases). You know what else was uncut? "Cats".

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Author : Peter Debruge Peter Debruge Peter Debruge