Honest Thief : Movie Review

Liam Neeson once again plays a man with a very particular set of skills—safecracking and bombmaking among them—in “Honest Thief,” a no-frills, low-thrills version of the kind of gritty action picture that has marked the veteran actor’s late-stage career.

Honest Thief (2020) - Movie Poster
These movies can be gripping and visceral, as in the first "Taken" and "The Grey". They can be strained and flimsy, as in the third "Taken" and "Non-Stop". "Honest Thief" falls somewhere in the middle of that range. It is extremely mediocre, giving its strong supporting cast little to work with beyond car chases and shallow characterizations.

Neeson is solid and reliable at the center, as always. He takes everything seriously - every gravelly threat, every gut punch - and at 68, he's an incredible physical specimen to behold. But while he gives it his all, he's not getting much in return. Perfectly serviceable and utterly forgettable, "Honest Thief" nonetheless offers a few pleasing details to keep it from being a total slog.

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Author : Christy Lemire