Half Brothers : Movie Review

Half Brothers (2020) - Movie PosterLuke Greenfield's "Half Brothers" is a tale of two stories. One track gives the movie its title: two half-brothers who could not be more different meet for the first time when their father is dying. Because this is a comedy, disaster ensues. Their father dies suddenly, and because their old man loved puzzles, he sends them on a midwestern road trip to answer their questions about his past, including why he left his oldest son Renato (Luis Gerardo Méndez) back in Mexico. The other is their father’s dramatic and unpredictable story of an immigrant’s life, one that leads him away from a family in Mexico to starting one in the United States. It’s a complicated story, not just in the way in which it comes together, but in its ethical, emotional and financial quandaries.

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Author : Monica Castillo