Good Girl, The : Story

Good Girl, The (2002) - synopsis imageJennifer Aniston is Justine, the title character of Good Girl, The (2002). Justine, though, is no longer a girl she is grown up, married and longs to start a family. Without a doubt her husband, Phil loves her, but they have so far been unable to conceive, and Justine wonders if all the pot he smokes with his best friend Bubba might be the reason why.

One day at work, Justine discovers something of a soul mate in Holden, a creative, passionate young man who represents a chance for Justine to escape into a new world of emotional and sexual awakening. But when the affair quickly moves from liberation to poisonous obsession, Justine finds herself ensnared in a chaotic web of blackmail, larceny and love.

Is Justine ultimately a good girl? Can she make the right choice between her dependable husband and disturbed lover? Written by Mike White and directed by Miguel Arteta, Good Girl, The (2002) gives Aniston the chance to create a character with the complexity of a present-day suburban Emma Bovary.