Cruella : Movie Review

What’s black and white and red all over? A Dalmatian thief with a diaper rash. Or a scarlet-frocked Disney de Villainess making her debut in the London tabloids.

Starring Oscar winner Emma Stone as the monochrome-coiffed fashionista with a soft spot for puppy fur, "Cruella" takes its cues from the "Wicked" playbook - or more recently, Warner Bros.’ "Joker" - to deliver a dark yet sympathetic portrait of a cult-favorite character whom audiences only thought they knew. That character, of course, is "101 Dalmatians" dognapper Cruella de Vil (previously embodied by Glenn Close for one of the studio’s first live-action adaptations), who turns out to be more fierce than cruel in a franchise offering with an identify of its own.

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Author : Peter Debruge