Halloween: Resurrection : Story

Missed a film or two? In case you haven't caught all of the previous HALLOWEEN movies, here's a quick crash course to fill you in on all the details of the Michael Myers saga.

Halloween night, 1963. Six year-old Michael Myers kills his sister Judith in her upstairs bedroom. Myers is locked away for 15 years and put under the care of resident psychiatrist Dr. Sam Loomis.

Halloween eve, 1978. Michael escapes from the Smith's Grove-Warren County Sanitarium and travels back to his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois. He follows 17 year-old Laurie Strode around and finally attacks her. He's stopped by Dr. Loomis, who fires 6 shots into the unstoppable menace. But that's just the start - Michael survives and follows Laurie to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. As he gets closer to his prey, Dr. Loomis finds out that Laurie is actually Michael's sister! As the Shape finally comes close to catching Laurie, Loomis shows up. In a fury, Loomis ignites gas tanks, causing a huge explosion in the hospital. Laurie escapes as Michael and Loomis burn.

The end? No way. Loomis somehow survived the event - as did Michael, who spent 10 years in a coma. Meanwhile, Laurie Strode was killed in a car wreck, leaving behind her daughter, Jamie Lloyd, in the care of the Carruthers family. Halloween eve, 1988 - Michael awakens and returns to Haddonfield after his niece Jamie. The chase ends with the state police gunning down Myers as he falls into a mineshaft. As the evening ends, Jamie violently attacks her stepmother - somehow the powers of Michael have transferred to her!

Michael killed? Of course not. He crawled out of the mineshaft and took refuge with an old hermit. Meanwhile, Jamie was put under doctor's care at the Masterson Clinic. Jump to Halloween, 1989 - Michael awakens again and continues his killing spree trying to get to Jamie. Jamie and Loomis foil him and trap him in the Myers house. Michael is jailed, but a mysterious stranger, dressed in black, blasts him out of jail and kidnaps Jamie.

Jamie is held hostage by a mysterious cult, known as Thorn, for several years. The mysterious Man In Black has Michael strangely impregnate her, leading to the birth of Steven Myers on Halloween Eve, 1995. Jamie escapes, but Michael quickly finds her and finally kills her. But the baby is gone - Steven is now in the hands of Tommy Doyle, who was under the care of Laurie Strode the night Michael first attacked Laurie Strode. Tommy discovers that the Man In Black is actually Dr. Wynn, the head of Smith's Grove sanitarium, who has been trying to control Michael. In a showdown at the sanitarium, Dr. Loomis confronts Wynn and allows Tommy and his friends to escape with the baby.

The terror isn't quite over yet. Michael manages to find out that Laurie Strode had actually faked her death and gone into hiding under a new name - Keri Tate. Myers tracks her down to Summer Glen, California, where she runs a private school - with her son John enrolled there. Myers shows up on Halloween night, 1998. An all out battle to the end occurs between Laurie and Michael. The authorities think that Laurie killed him, but Laurie knows better. She steals the coroner's van and manages to decapitate her deadly brother.

However, she made a mistake that could cost Laurie her life...

The story continues in HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION - in theaters July 12th!

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