Dirty Deeds : Story

Dirty Deeds (2002) - Synopsis ImageSydney - 1969. Crime is cool, cops are crooked and 20 bucks buys you a whole night out. For Barry (Bryan Brown), life is sweet. He runs the girls, the clubs and the illegal casinos, and not even crooked Detective Ray (Sam Neill) dares to stand in his way.

Barry's wife Sharon (Toni Collette) wears the pants, his mistress Margaret (Kestie Morassi) wears him out and his wide-eyed nephew Darcy (Sam Worthington) is learning just how cosy business can be.

When the Mafia dispatch two Chicago hoods (John Goodman, Felix Williamson) to muscle in on his action, Barry's life takes a dramatic turn. His mistress starts making eyes at Darcy, his wife becomes suspicious and the Yanks won't take no for an answer - BIG MISTAKE.

Barry decides to give the Yanks a lesson in outback hospitality.