She Said DVD Review

Title: She Said
Cast: Carey Mulligan, Zoe Kazan, Patricia Clarkson, Andre Braugher, Jennifer Ehle, with Samantha Morton and Ashley Judd
Screenplay By: Rebecca Lenkiewicz
Directed By: Maria Schrader
Release date: DVD & VOD MARCH 6, 2023

She Said is inspired by the Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation that shattered a corrupt system by empowering women to speak out. It follows the remarkable true story of how reporters Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor went from underdogs to inspirations by shattering the silence surrounding sexual assault in Hollywood.

She Said DVD
This is a very impressive film and biopic that looks at the #MeToo movement in full detail and does not hide away from asking difficult questions or providing its own answers.

This is such an important film for everyone to see and to understand and be moved by. Such a serious topic and so terribly important for us to teach our children (and our misogynistic men) that sexual assault should never be acceptable and should never be hidden away, forgotten, or diminished. It is only a shame that it took the #MeToo movement to expose Weinstein for what he had been doing for many years.

Determined to expose the truth many fear to tell, Megan and Jodi’s partnership shakes up the system, empowering courageous women to retake their strength through stories of survival in this extraordinary film from Emmy®-winning director Maria Schrader.

Zoe Kazan and Carey Mulligan are fantastic in the central roles. Both have extremely impressive careers behind them, and still in front of them. The work really well together and cleat riff off each other well. Mulligan is perhaps the most accomplished of the two, but Kazan is also excellent, and her family history - wow, talk about a famous family! They have both added an excellent film to their resumes with She Said.

But this film also has a great featuring an impressive cast including Patricia Clarkson, Andre Braugher and Ashley Judd. It's also great to see Samantha Morton in an interesting role as Weinstein’s former assistant, she's such a fantastic actor and I really enjoy her performances. Likewise, Andre Braugher as executive editor Dean Baquet.

Weinstein is the villain of course but isn't really portrayed in full in the movie, he's only ever seen from side angles. Perhaps no one wanted to play him. Perhaps quite sensibly the writers and directors decided not to give him any screentime. Why give any of the Light to Weinstein? All he deserves is the four walls of a dark prison cell for the rest of his life after the pain he's caused to so many innocent women, whose lives will be forever scarred by his despicable actions.


BREAKING THE STORY - An exclusive behind the scenes featurette with journalists Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor that recounts what it took for them to break this incredible true story.


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Author : Kevin Stanley