Red Dragon : Interview

In a very short time, Brett Ratner has established himself as one of Hollywood’s most successful directors. His first film was the 1997 surprise box office hit Money Talks, a comedy starring Charlie Sheen, Chris Tucker, Paul Sorvino and Heather Locklear.

His second film, the 1999 action comedy Rush Hour, starred Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker and earned $250 million worldwide. He followed that success with the romantic fantasy drama The Family Man, a critical and box office hit starring Nicolas Cage and Tea Leoni in 2000. A year later, Ratner delivered Hong Kong-style action with Chan and Tucker in the hit Rush Hour 2, which grossed more than $342 million worldwide.

Having established success within the industry, Ratner was eager to tackle a new genre and aggressively pursued Red Dragon with producers Dino and Martha De Laurentiis. “Brett was very convincing,” said Martha De Laurentiis. “He brings a lot of spirit and a fresh energy and honesty to the material. And he’s been able to face any situation - beginning with Dino!”

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