Two Can Play That Game : Story

Lawless Heart is a sharp, modern love story where lust, love and loyalty are stretched to their limits. Shocked by the death of a friend, Dan (Bill Nighy), Nick (Tom Hollander) and Tim (Douglas Henshall), decide to take their lives in hand but reckon without the three beguiling women they're about to meet. Dan is a faithful if frustrated husband and father until he meets the gorgeous and glamorous Corinne who awakens a sense of belated adventure in him. Nick is struggling to come to terms with the loss of his boyfriend Stuart, but the effervescent Charlie is determined to bring him out of his shell. Tim has spent eight years searching the globe for something meaningful, little realising that the girl of his dreams lives in his own home town surely nothing could be easier than winning her heart? Told from three different perspectives, Lawless Heart reveals the comic and subtle realities of modern relationships.