Ararat : Movie Review

Ararat (2002) - Synopsis ImageSupposedly, Canadian writer-director Atom Egoyan has always wanted to make an epic film about the 1915 Armenian genocide but knew he'd never be able to raise enough money to get his elaborate idea off the ground. Instead, he made Ararat a movie about what it may have been like to tackle his dream project. If Egoyan's plan was to shed light on the little-known atrocity (around 1.5 million people or two-thirds of Armenia's population was said to have been slaughtered), his mission was a success. But Ararat's extremely non-linear narrative has turned off more than its share of viewers. I caught the North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, where hometown boy Egoyan's pictures are generally received with much fanfare, glowing reviews and very strong word-of-mouth. Ararat garnered none of these things.

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