Narc : Jason Patric Narc Video Interview

JASON PATRIC's feature film debut came in 1987 when he appeared in the comedy-thriller "Lost Boys, The (1987). " He then starred in the war drama "The Beast. " His performances in the erotic thriller "After Dark, My Sweet" and the drama "Rush" earned Patric critical acclaim and led respected film critic David Denby to label him "the best young actor in American movies. "

Patric next starred in "Geronimo: An American Legend" and "The Journey of August King. " He has also starred in the drama "Sleepers (1996)" and in "Your Friends & Neighbors (1998)," which was the first feature Patric produced for his production company, Fleece.

"Narc" tells the story of suspended undercover narcotics officer, Nick Tellis (Jason Patric), who is reluctantly drawn back onto the force to find the truth behind the murder of a young police officer killed in the line of duty. He is teamed with Henry Oak (Ray Liotta), the slain officer's partner, a rogue cop who will stop at nothing to avenge his friend's death.

Distributer: UIP
Release: 7 Feb
Cert: 18
Run Time: 1hour 46mins

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