Biker Boyz : Movie Review

Hollywood production cycles are as regular as the phases of the moon. Whenever a low-cost movie becomes an unexpected hit, you can expect a bevy of imitators within the next 18 months — just long enough for a hack screenwriter to crank out a script, a classless executive to give a project the green light, and a money-hungry cast and crew to sign on.

That was certainly true of The Fast and the Furious, the surprise success of which has spawned a series of recent imitations. On TV, there's Fastlane, a noxious mish-mash of cop-and-car clichés that's garnering deservedly anemic ratings Friday nights on Fox. On the big screen, there's Biker Boyz, a turgid actioner which sticks a fine cast atop a series of tricked-out motorcycles and sends them speeding down the expressway to mediocrity.

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Author : Tor Thorsen