18 ans après : Movie Review

18 ans après, directed by Coline Serreau
Starring : André Dussolier, Roland Giraud, Michel Boujenah, Madeleine Besson, Line Renaud, …

'18 ans après' is the '3 hommes et un couffin' sequel, which has been adapted in United States, but the American film was very bad, like every American remakes anyway. ..
This film comes 18 years after the first one, and the team is still the same. Coline Serreau is the director, and the main actors are still here. The first film was a good typical French comedy, but this one is more mature, more adult, more militant. .. exactly like Marie, the 18 years old film's heroin. The family is remade, and the 3 fathers, the mother and her American boyfriend, the two American boys, and a few other people are all gathered in a tremendous mansion on the French Riviera. The clash exists between the typical competitive spirits of American people and the carefreeness of French people. Coline Serreau takes advantage of this confrontation to deliver her anti-globalisation message. .. it's quite fun, and never caricatural. .. On the technique side, the film may be quite disconcerting because it is shot with a dv-cam. .. a technique which allows a great easiness, but the picture doesn't please to everybody. The comics situations aren't hilarious, but it's nice, and very pleasant to follow. .. Of course, all the actors are very funny, above all the three fathers. The dialogues are very well-written. .. what a great moment we spent during that film !
18 years has been necessary to see that sequel. .. In USA, the second film has come only 3 years after the first one. .. but the expectation is rewarded and, "18 ans après" appears like better than the first film. ..

Author : Gweltaz Caouissin