Dischord : Movie Review

beautiful to look at thriller/drama, but lacking a good story to go with its gorgeous Cape Cod winter setting. First-time Boston-based director/writer/editor Mark Wilkinson puts together a film shot in 22 days and costing a mere $250,000. It's currently making the film festival circuit and I saw it at the Manchester Film Festival. There's no release as of yet, as the film's best chance seems to be to hook up with a cable channel such as IFC.

It's a shame the story failed to catch fire, as there's a story there someplace but the inexperienced director never fleshed it out. Instead the film dragged on with less than scintillating dialogue, lots of wasted shots of toenails being cut, two over acting villains, and contrived plot devices aimed to make the film seem different rather than to benefit the storyline. And, to make matters worse, the filmmaker never did much with the subject matter of music as an art form the filmmaker so boldly made as the pivotal point of the story.

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Author : Dennis Schwartz