Basic : Movie Review

Nothing is basic in "Basic." Mystery movies do not come more convoluted than this. There are twists and more twists until the story line resembles a pretzel. It's less a whodunit than a what-happened? John Travolta and Connie Nielsen play the film's truth seekers, and each is interesting enough to carry an audience through an overly mechanical screenplay with little on its mind other than deceiving viewers. Director John McTiernan keeps a tight rein on dramatic events, establishing a swift pace and strong characters. But don't expect much depth or nuance.

The slick crime thriller should open strong, thanks in part to the reteaming of Travolta with his "Pulp Fiction" co-star Samuel L. Jackson. Sony is probably looking at a commercial hit despite the shallowness of the story and its characters.

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Author : Kirk Honeycutt