Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie : Movie Review

The film version of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, a four-man traveling show focusing on redneck jokes and country humor, might be more fun with less context. Comedians Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Ron White, and Larry The Cable Guy open the film fishing together and swapping jokes, in one of Blue Collar Comedy Tour's best segments. But soon enough, they're whisked away to Phoenix, Arizona's Dodge Theater, where they take turns standing on a stage covered with kitschy junk and delivering their patented comedy routines to a howling fan base. The comedians themselves are hit-and-miss, but frequently funny. White, clutching a cigarette and a cocktail, flashes a toothy, infectious grin as he spouts bitter observational humor. Larry The Cable Guy plays up a hick accent and references to "fellers," "ideers," and "sammiches," as he plows through a series of gross-out jokes, heavily spiced with his annoying catchphrases "tha's funny, I don't care who you are" and "get 'er done" (or, as his web site spells it, Git-R-Done).

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Author : Tasha Robinson