Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle : Movie Review

Yes, it's more of the same - and that's really the problem. The first Charlie's Angels movie was so deliciously, self-consciously cheesy that it was virtually impossible to dislike. There was a freshness and sassiness to the production - a sense that the filmmakers were thumbing their noses at serious action movies by juicing up the admittedly silly premise of a '70s girl-power TV show. It worked once, but the novelty factor is gone. The cheese is still there, but this time it's overlaid with a cynical sense that the only reason the movie exists is because the first one made so much money.

The subtitle, Full Throttle, pretty much declares the thrust of the film. It is designed to appeal to an audience with ADD - those who constantly need something new and loud every few seconds to capture their attention. Returning director McG, whose nom-de-cinema sounds like it belongs on a fast food restaurant menu, composes Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle the way he would a very long, very expensive music video. There are lots of cuts, lots of music, lots of T&A, and lots of ass-kicking. There's also what passes for a plot, but, as in most music videos, it's paper-thin.

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Author : James Berardinelli