Open Range : Movie Review

Open Range (2003)During a summer in which TV remakes, romantic comedies, sequels, and comic book movies overcrowd at the multiplexes, Open Range is the only Western scheduled for release. While I give kudos to Dances with Wolves auteur Kevin Costner who directs, produces, and acts in the film for broadening the range of this season’s genres, I only wish that I could welcome the film’s drastic change of pace. Frankly, I’d rather watch another stupid superhero flick.

It’s 1882, and best friends Charley (Costner) and Boss (Robert Duvall) are cowboys who have lived on the open range for ten years, driving cattle in a world where nature makes the only laws. Roaming the West with them are rambunctious young cowboys Button (Diego Luna), Mose (Abraham Benrubi), and Charley’s faithful dog. When a rainstorm strands their wagon, Charley and Boss send Mose to the nearest frontier town to gather additional supplies. When he doesn’t return, they decide to take a visit to the town with their revolvers at hand to search for him.

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Author : Blake French